Computers Suck

While I can barely remember how we were able to function without them, especially our smart phones which allow us to carry around a baby supercomputer in our pockets 24/7, I do feel like mentally and emotionally it’s turning us into those blobby folk on the spaceship from “WALL-E.” It’s not that I can’t find my way around without GPS and I can’t look something up without Google or read a book without my iPad.

But we’re so dependent on them, when they screw up it causes a disproportionate amount of upset and angst.

Win10 is still rebooting for absolutely no damn good reason every three or four days. While there are dozens of things that I like about it, that one stupid flaw might be enough to have me rolling back to Win 7 Pro.

The upgrade to iOS 9.3 reset the alarms on my phone, and now the upgrade to iOS 9.3.1 seems to have knocked the iPads off of the wireless system.

The worst parts are the feelings of futility and frustration. I’m the de facto family and office “techie guy” and I actually spent five years way back when as a programmer. In that respect I’m probably “smarter than the average bear,” but some of these things are still way beyond my pay grade, even to try to troubleshoot. And when you do find some evidence of what’s going on, it’s nearly impossible to get anyone at Apple or Microsoft or the cable company or anywhere else to give you the time of day.

I’m telling you, it’s the Commies! They got us hooked on all of these electronic gizmos and now they’re going to frustrate us into submission!

Jeez, I just blamed Commies and used the term “gizmos.” I had better go yell at any kids that might walk across my lawn.

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