The Raccoons Want To Share Our Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends – I hope that you did as well!





Tonight the raccoons on the roof are being particularly rowdy and I can also hear some sort of pounding, almost as if someone’s banging on a door or periodically. That’s a new one, which has caused me to poke around outside. Nothing seen, but on the last trip out it occurs to me that it might be coming from our trash cans, which would boom a little bit like a drum if something were hitting them.

Or if something, say, a raccoon, were trying to get into it by lifting the lid and not quite able to get it open before dropping the lid back down. And then trying again. And then running off when I stick my head outside. And then trying again. And again.

Normally they don’t ever even bother, and the trash cans we get from the City of Los Angeles are pretty critter proof. I wonder what could be in that trash can tonight that might cause them to go the extra mile to try to get in there?

It’s a mystery.

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