Blocking Ads On Twitter

Nothing here that’s nearly as high or as low as today’s political news – probably why I’m reduced to trivial babbling.

Having said that, I’m finding that I’m getting a certain satisfaction from blocking EVERY SINGLE ADVERTISER that has an ad stuck into my Twitter feed on my iPhone app. I didn’t expect that.

When Twitter, in their infinite stupidity and short-sightedness, started dropping ads every 8th tweet, I was at first seriously pissed off. For a day or two I started deleting all of them out of spite, but it just made it tedious to scroll through my feed.

Then I switched to a different Twitter client, which was okay for a couple of weeks. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but I was fine after a few days. Then I discovered that there were all sorts of bad and weird things happening to the file structure in my iPhone picture roll whenever I saved an image or something off of that client app’s feed. Back to square one.

I initially went back to the official Twitter iOS app just to confirm that it would fix the file structure problem. (It did.) So for a month or so I just trained myself to just look past every single ad, and it worked to a certain extent.

Maybe I needed something to act like a never-ending game of Whack-A-Mole, if for no other reason than to vent some frustrations. I guess I could have gone and played a bit of “Doom,” but this way I also got to see my Twitter feed and get my news, so it’s a bit like multitasking.

Now I find that it’s just a reflex. The ads pop up like tin signs in a real-world obstacle course or live-fire shooting exercise, and I pick them off and send them to their doom. It’s not enough to delete them – I hit the down-arrow icon to bring up the options and there’s the one to block that advertiser. Not only will I never see that ad again (assuming that Twitter isn’t lying to me, which is quite possible) but I will never see ANY tweets from that advertiser or Twitter account again.

Granted, the advertisers have ways around this. One of the last straws in the last week of December that pushed me over the edge into a “salted Earth” strategy toward Twitter ads was a series of hundreds and hundreds of ads from some conglomeration of accounts held by NBC/Universal. They were trying to motivate me about a potential blackout on my cable service if the big, bad, greedy cable company couldn’t come to a deal with the bigger, badder, greedier television company. Kill the ads from @MSNBC and you get one from @Bravo. Kill that and get one from @Oxygen. Kill that and get one from @Cloo. Then @SciFiChannel. Then @E!. Then @USANetwork. Ad infinitum.

The only thing that would make blocking these accounts better would be if the advertisers got feedback on how many people like myself chose to mute or block their account. Wouldn’t that be great? Some marketing VP (who’s never had a “real” job in their life) spends a million dollars to bitch at twenty million Twitter users so they’ll feel sympathy for THEIR greed and hatred toward THE OTHER GUY’s greed and hatred. Then he gets some analytic report that shows that 1,000,000 Twitter ads were delivered and 999,982 of them were immediately blocked without being read.

That would make me smile. I’m doing my part!

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One response to “Blocking Ads On Twitter

  1. I haven’t noticed many ads. Maybe I’m immune to them already. Now I’ll probably notice them – but I know what to do with them! 😀

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