New Website

Because I’m obviously not busy enough, I’ve now got a second website.


If you read my Twitter feed or know me on Facebook, you’ll know that I’m pretty passionate about the current political situation in the United States.

For many months, as we’ve gotten deeper and deeper into our current quagmire, I’ve wanted to write on those topics. And I have, in small chunks, on Twitter and Facebook and so on.

But I’ve hesitated to put that on this site. This has always been my “fun” site. Okay, a few times I’ve gone off on rants when I’ve been really pissed off by something especially stupid in our society or culture, but at least 98%+ has been pictures, stories, travel, space stuff, NASA Socials, astronomy, personal stuff, and so on.

I didn’t want that to change here.

It occurred to me back around Thanksgiving that there was a somewhat straightforward solution. It just so happened that my sister-in-law was visiting and she made the pun that’s the site’s name, I checked and there were variants that were available, so here we are.

If you like what I write and how and would like to take a peek, I would appreciate it if you would do so. If you like what you see there and could spread the word (and about this site as well, of course) I would appreciate that a ton as well.

I’ll warn you, that will be a sweary site. Again, for the most part, I try to keep this site more or less PG-13. Give the situation and the topic, I don’t even think I’m even going to try over there.

Come and join the discussion there! Subscribe! Proselytize!


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2 responses to “New Website

  1. Good luck with your new site. I won’t come over, partly because we’ve enough troubles of our own in the UK, and although I am clearly in your camp, I’ve stopped following another blogger who clearly isn’t, and I don’t really need to get involved in the arguments.
    Have fun and I hope it helps!

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