Reality Is Real

Pro tip for those of you used to being abusive assholes on the Internet because you think you can do so more or less anonymously – Reality is Real.

If you’re going to be driving like a lunatic and then flipping people off and screaming at them while you’re driving a company vehicle with the phone number is foot-tall letters on the sides and back – don’t be surprised if someone calls that number and lets your boss know that they have a psychotic moron representing their company in public. (This could be career-limiting.)

If you’re going to insult and verbally abuse people in the parking garage at work, you might want to think twice about it if you’re putting your car into a reserved parking space with your name and the name of your company on the “Reserved – No Parking” sign. (See above.) While having the reserved parking space might indicate that you’re the boss and no one’s going to tattle on you, it’s an excellent way to get a poor reputation in the building, and you might someday want to do business with or get a favor from some of those other companies. If their first thought when your name is mentioned is, “Why would I want to even talk to that asshole?” this could be career-limiting even if you own the company.

Finally, if you’re going to insult and abuse people in the parking garage and then park in your reserved parking space, you might consider that the people you’re insulting and abusing now know which car is yours and where it’s parked.  You do the math.

Doesn’t it just suck having to be accountable for your actions?

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