Foolish April

Some years have great April Fool’s jokes, some not so great.

This year seemed a bit thin to me, but that could be a perception on my part since I was up early, busting my butt to take care of a deadline item, then spent over twelve hours at the hangar trying to get caught up after my “week off” to go to Consonance last weekend.

I guess it’s time to go check out the ThinkGeek page and see what they came up with. You know you’ve got a great fake gift item when people start demanding that it actually get made. There’s an example of a classic April Fool’s gag – the Tauntaun sleeping bag. 100% tasteless while being 100% hilarious, while also (once you step back and think about it) being something that could actually be made.

And I thought this year smelled bad on the outside!

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One response to “Foolish April

  1. I saw something on facebook saying with the state of the world it’s no wonder there isn’t anything to make an April Fool of. Reviewer Erik expounds on this theme here:


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