Who’s The Idiot Who…

Somewhere there’s a Microsoft designer from way, WAY back in the Windows 2 days that’s getting a chuckle and a warm tingly feeling every time someone accidentally closes a web browser with fifty tabs open instead of minimizing it.

Who’s the idiot that put the “hang-on-a-second-I’ve-got-to-do-something-else” button right next to the “die!-die!-die!-go-away-and-don’t-save-any-of-these-dozens-and-dozens-of-tabs” button?

But that’s not bad enough.

I swear, when you hit that “X” icon with more than two or three tabs open, there’s a longer and longer pause before the window closes the more tabs are open and the more critical the tabs are. Not that you can stop the process, mind you! Not that your bellowed cry of “oh, shit, noooooooo!” will result in a less disastrous outcome. But the more critical the failure, the more time you have to realize what you’ve done and be completely unable to correct the problem.

That’s some nasty karma building up for someone there, let me tell you.

Pardon me, I have to go hunting for a hundred or so tabs…


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3 responses to “Who’s The Idiot Who…

  1. If you’re nice, I’ll tell you how to get those tabs back — all intact. My daughter gave me the secret.

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