The “Kids” Are Back Again – Again

I haven’t been hearing the raccoons up on the roof at night in a couple of months, but there was one last night. He/she must have been the scout.

Tonight it sounds like a freakin’ herd of them up there and they’re playing football, or tap dancing, or sumo wrestling, or something.

The wildlife CAM is still up there – probably time to check and see if the batteries are still holding out. (It’s been months – the batteries will NOT have held out. That’s a sucker bet.)

Meanwhile, a better use for the camera (once I put new batteries in it) might be to watch some of the possibly broken screens that lead to the crawl space under the house. While we regularly (once a month or so, maybe twice) smell the neighborhood skunk in the worst possible way, it’s always a situation where you smell it at both ends of the house, inside, outside, all around the town! However, we’ll occasionally get a whiff, not bad, not strong, and only by the garage and/or connected laundry room.

It does make me wonder if they’ve found a way to make a pest of themselves even more so than average.

Time to go hunting. With a camera, just to be clear!

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Filed under Castle Willett, Critters

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