That Feeling When – January 16th

That feeling when you suddenly remember lunch two days ago when you really wanted cheese but it had that moldy spot on one corner and you were kinda sure you could just cut that bit off and eat the rest without getting food poisoning so you did but it was really good cheese so you just cut off a teeny tiny bit extra around the mold because you didn’t want to waste any but then later you decided to google it to see if that was a good idea and they said you should have cut off a much bigger margin just to be safe and then you worried for a couple of hours before forgetting about it until just now when you realized that you CHEATED DEATH ONCE MORE!

But now you’re hungry for cheese again.

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One response to “That Feeling When – January 16th

  1. Console yourself with some Stilton, Roquefort or Gorgonzola lol

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