That Feeling When – January 25th

That feeling when if it weren’t for exhaustion and the headache you wouldn’t feel anything at all and what you really want is some loud music so you’re stepping through your favorite YouTube set list and after a while you realize that the favorite favorite in their hasn’t come up so you go looking for it only to find out that it’s been pulled for copyright violation after all of these years and you’re angry and sad and ready to ugly cry and you let You Tube go ahead on its own and inexplicably, after three hours of listening to Bronski Beat and Pet Shop Boys and New Order and Morrisey and Eurythmics and Depeche Mode, inexplicably You Tube decides what you need is the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive.”

So is YouTube’s algorithm really, really freakin’ insightful and wise and godlike, or just a really, really annoying pain in the ass?

Or is there no difference between those two?

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One response to “That Feeling When – January 25th

  1. YouTube probably reckons you are a hip 25 year old discovering all these cool things for the first time so, hey, you’d like to taste the BeeGees too.
    Second twenty-somethinghood now?

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