That Feeling When – February 01st

That feeling when you’ve had yet another long, long day at work toward the end of yet another long, long week at work and you don’t even get to go home yet because you have to go swing by Fry’s (aka “The Seventh Level of Hell“) to get stuff that you need for one of the office systems so you’re just going through the motions until you slowly become a tad more aware only to find yourself confused because the elevator is acting odd by not doing what you’re expecting so you hit the “6” button and again it just sits there with the doors open and not moving and AGAIN you hit the “6” button with a bit more awareness (but obviously not nearly enough) and this time you notice that the illumination on the light when you hit it just blinks off and you hit the “6” button AGAIN and AGAIN it lights for about a millisecond and then goes off and you’re not sure what’s going on only to finally be rescued when someone from the next office come out and get on the elevator while looking at you curiously and you AGAIN hit the “6” button because it will work now that you have a witness but it doesn’t and the guy from next door edges away from you to hit the “G” button so you can leave the sixth floor where your offices are and go down to the “LAAAABY” so you can all go home and all you can mutter in your dawning horror is, “Thanks, man, I don’t know how long I would have been stuck there if you hadn’t come along.”

Then you go get into your half ton of small & zippy automobile and drive out with the rest of the zombies trying to get home.

It’s a wonder any of us make it through the day alive.

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