No Pressure, No Diamonds

Another cool sentiment – diamonds are so idealized and glamorous and precious, but we know that they only exist because a lump of coal got squished for eons under billions of tons of pressure and enormous heat. So if we can put up with the pressure in our lives, we too can be diamonds! Right?!

It occurs to me that no one ever asks the coal how it feels about the whole process.

The posts of the last few days have been a bit cryptic and a bit of a buzzkill. Lemme give you the “tl;dr” version….

Busy, busy, busy at work – it’s audit season.

Busy, busy, busy at the hangar – it’s the hangar.

And finally, after 27 years in the same house, which is now way, way too big with the kids grown and the cats and dogs all gone, we’ve got a couple offers on the table which means we’ll have to find a new place and deal with decades of “stuff” in order to get out of here in the next few weeks.

There may be a lot of really short posts here in the near future, if you follow the way I’ve drifted.

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One response to “No Pressure, No Diamonds

  1. berich56

    We did that a year ago. Downsized to the retirement home. Got rid of a ton of stuff, still have too much stuff. Good luck with that.


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