Slower Than The Speed Of Smell

Last night I posted some quick pictures at the last minute about 23:50, pausing in the middle of a marathon packing and panicking episode. Then, because this really HAS to get done this weekend, I went back to loading the truck.

Being a good neighbor (even though it doesn’t matter because, hey, we’re moving away!) I was working hard to keep the noise down. I didn’t haul any of the big metal shelves up the big metal ramp into the big echoey metal truck, I tried to step quietly, etc. Which was going well. Right up until the point where something in the garage made a big metal screechy sound.

Ever seen a Rube Goldberg machine?

I make a big metal screech sound, standing near the entrance to the open garage door…

…which made the dog across the street two doors down start barking madly…

…which startled and freaked out the skunk that was trotting down the sidewalk on my side of the street…

…who did what skunks do when threatened…

…which, being just 50 or 60 feet from me, suddenly made me want to gag, vomit, and die, not necessarily in that order…

…which didn’t matter to the skunk, who was no longer being threatened and was now in front of the open garage and seeing all of the light figured something was up (perhaps he’s been talking to the lizards?)…

…which left me gagging and dying and trying to figure out how to dissuade the skunk from coming INTO the garage while at the same time not startling him again.

The skunk finally decided that there was probably nothing edible in the garage and the Freds would just have to figure it out on their own. But I got to spend the next hour and a half wondering if anyone in the neighborhood had a spare gas mask.

You’re right, Donielle, it’s an ADVENTURE!!!

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