Moving Out & Moving On – May 14th

Bit by bit, step by step, normalcy returns. But it’s a long road.

Tonight I made the next big step in getting my office back online. The cable company had come by earlier and gotten the wi-fi and internet connections back up and I knew that the next bottleneck for me was getting my desktop back online. Which first meant getting that really big desk (which I do love) through that narrow door, down that narrow hallway, around the corner through that next narrow door, and into the spare bedroom that will be my office.

The only way to do that was to disassemble the desk. I knew that it could be done – years and years ago I assembled it when we got it for my office at my previous job. (When they sold everything off and closed up I got to keep some items such as my desk and some other office furniture.) So it was time to attack with screwdriver and pliers at the ready.

Now it’s done, the computer is back online – and the office looks like an explosion in a cable factory. Coax, power, CAT-5, all tangled all over the place. I’ll worry about the niceties of cleaning it up when I get the time later. For now, I’m back online, doing my normal evening routine and writing, and it makes a big difference.

Tomorrow it’s back to getting stuff out of the old house. The clock is ticking.

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