Another Problem Demoted

Yesterday it was a problem threatening to be a crisis.

It had started out as an annoyance, but they can expand into catastrophes in the blink of an eye, so it was being looked at. The expectation was that the solution was almost trivial, something that even I could have done. That was proven wrong quickly as one thing led to another. More parts were needed, bigger tools. By the time large power equipment started being used to cut holes in the exterior walls the innocent chants of “that will be simple!” were but fond memories from long ago times almost two hours earlier.

Today it’s a problem that has almost been demoted to inconvenience. The side effects are still a pain and there’s still a chance for it to get well out of hand, but for the moment we’re stable and pressing onward with our normal routine. Let us pray that it’s not a saddle point.

It does make me glad that I’m renting.


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2 responses to “Another Problem Demoted

  1. This sounds worrying. I hope it will al be okay.

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