Again. Only better.

Launch at the 19:56 mark, which is phenomenal.

But holy shit – check out the twin side boosters landing side by side at 27:29!!!

Then they landed the center booster first stage on the barge at 29:21 – the first time they’ve recovered all three boosters. (This is the second Falcon Heavy launch – on the first launch they ONLY recovered the two side boosters. ONLY!!)

And now I see that they recovered both fairing halves as well and they’ll be re-used.

If you aren’t just moved to tears of joy watching this, we probably can’t be friends.

But I found even better.

All of the professional video feeds and views live from space are truly amazing. But here’s why I want to see a launch live:

There are a bunch of things not going so well these days – thank god we have people like SpaceX doing the “impossible” things like this!

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