Plan C

In addition to yesterday’s adventures (from which I am sore AS HELL today) where I was able to turn what might have been a frustrating change in plans into a useful and productive time, today also saw a change some changed plans and minor accomplishments.

In the big scheme of things none of it’s curing cancer or solving that whole world peace thing, but it’s surprising to me how much of a difference it makes in my mood and outlook.

I’ve spoken in the past about how the disruptions to life following a major event go far beyond the event itself. I compare them to earthquake aftershocks. We survived the 1994 Northridge earthquake relatively unscathed, but the aftershock sequences for months and months afterward drove me crazy. Enduring the earthquake while it was happening was relatively easy (and you had no warning and no options) – enduring the aftershocks was (literally) like going thorough it again and again and again.

Similarly, after having our car broken into and my briefcase stolen, the initial damage was repaired and the initial losses tallied (credit cards cancelled, new checking account opened and checks ordered, and so on), but for months afterward I would go looking for something that I expected to be easy to locate, only to realize then that it had been in that stolen briefcase. It was like being robbed all over again. And again. And again.

This weekend made me realize how much of my current state is due to last year’s move. (Pretty much look at the entire month of May 2018 to see how frantic, panicked, and exhausting it was.) Too much of that entire experience was dealt with on an emergency basis, in terms of doing just enough to get by and damn the cost and damn everything else. Then when we were out of the old house and into the new, the “emergency priorities” continued as we tried to unpack, reorganize, and find the dishes and clothes and all of the things we needed to function on a daily basis.

With my work situation and priorities being what they were all of last year (and continuing on into this year) as well as our travels as well as my work load and crises at my volunteer CAF gig as well as the family health issues, there are dozens of major “loose ends” that are just flapping in the breeze.

For example, I have a couple dozen sweatshirts. When we travel I tend to pick them up as functional souvenirs. All this last fall and winter since we moved they’ve been “somewhere.” I’ve gone looking through the piles of stuff in storage and in the garage – no joy. I think I have one in the house, one in the van, and one at the hangar. The other fifteen or twenty or more? Might have well be at the bottom of that black hole they took a picture of last week. (BTW, wasn’t that just bitchin‘?!!)

Yesterday I found them in storage. I also found my collection of Hawaiian shirts, which is good because it’s heating up.

Another example – I write checks about once a month, so it’s just earlier this week (for our income taxes) that I used up the last two checks in my checkbook. I went looking for the next book of checks a couple days ago. And I couldn’t find it to save my life. I know EXACTLY where it was in my desk in the old house, but everything got pulled out of the desk for the move and while I’ve found most things, the checks weren’t on the list. I’ve been tearing through boxes for days.

I finally gave in to Murphy’s Law tonight and ordered the next set of checks, which will be here in about ten days. Of course, within fifteen minutes of that, my subconscious (no doubt laughing its ass off) coughed up the location of the old checks.


Finally, we were just starting to get caught up on “Game of Thrones” last year when the move and its attendant priority shifts hit us. With the final season starting tonight, we wanted to get back into the effort of getting caught up – but didn’t have a clue where we had left off. This was more a case of detective work, going through the discs and some of the episode summaries online to narrow down what we remember seeing and what sounded alien. Once we figured it out and confirmed it, then it was time to kick back and binge. (FWIW, we’re in the fifth season, watched episodes 1-7 today. Cersi just got thrown in a cell by the Sparrows, and I’ve decided I probably hate Rams1y Bolton more than I hated Joffrey Baratheon, and that’s saying something.)


So, if we force our way through these roadblocks, recognize the broken pieces of our daily routines and fix them, get back to “normal,” will the aftershocks stop?


Or that’s when we’ll have to move again and the whole cycle will start over again.

Just like with earthquakes.

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  1. It’s taken me ten years to work out where I put things for safe keeping in this ‘new’ house. About time I moved again, too 🙂
    And I can’t find my Camp NaNoWriMo tee shirt. We’re halfway through Camp, and I’ve been through all the places it should be. I know I didn’t throw it out.
    What’s the betting it turns up where I first looked on May 1st?


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