Whiskey Tango ACTUAL Foxtrot??!!

Apparently about this time of year in New York City there’s this “fashion” thing called the Met Gala.

Have you seen the pictures from this thing?





This is a joke, right? Lots of “celebrities” and “icons of the fashion world” all dressed up in outfits that are like a mushroom induced fever dream of a rabid ferret if that ferret had 220 volts of electricity running through a pair of smoking, burning jumper cables attached to its testicles.

Given the massive amount of coverage that oozed into my social media feeds despite the fact that I am 1000% the exact opposite of anything resembling the demographic for this lunacy, the coverage and reporting on it must have been equivalent to that of the first moon landing or D-Day.


If I never hear another word or see another picture from this event it will be 10,000 years too soon.

If anyone out there thinks I’m totally out in left field and wants to explain what a wonderful and uplifting event the Met Gala is – please don’t.

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