A Joyful Perspective

Chiefs fans are having a good time these days, wallowing in anticipation after fifty years of waiting for another Super Bowl appearance.

Tonight while watching the Australian Open on ESPN, the commentators were filling time during some delay and the topic of the tournament timing came up. Specifically, it’s a week later than normal apparently and that means they’ll be on a long flight home while the Super Bowl is being played and they’re hoping that the flight has high-speed internet so they can watch. Then they got to chatting about who they liked in the game.

The first guy (possibly Patrick McEnroe, maybe?) likes the Chiefs.

The other guy (no idea who it might be) bemoaned the fact that he was a Raiders fan. This is a nightmare Super Bowl for Raiders fans. Their division rival, the Chiefs (who, I might add, have beaten the Raiders something like nine games in a row, muuwaaahahaaaa!!) are playing the San Francisco 49ers, their geographic rival from across the Bay.

I hadn’t thought of that. Not only are we there, but the Raiders fans are doubly miserable!

I don’t much like Raiders fans as a group. There are no doubt many that are charming folks, but as a group? Hate ’em.

It’s petty. I’ll admit it. I’m still going to enjoy it a great deal.

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