Spoilers Are Now Authorized

The past two months and more have been a pressure cooker, with one seemingly impossible deadline and fantastically ridiculous workload after another. (You might have noticed if you read this regularly.)


There’s a bit of calm. (Feeling like I’ve come through a huge storm, I’m hoping this calm period isn’t the eye of the hurricane with the need to very soon fight my way back out the other side.)

The major deadlines at both my paying/day job and my volunteer/weekend job are behind me. There’s time to see what I need to catch up, what’s been shoved off onto the back burner. Which includes a LOT of movies we didn’t get out to see. Like that latest “Star Wars” film. It’s still out there, right?

Well, yes and no. I was looking at the upcoming weekend and it seems that by then it will only be in about six or seven theaters in the entire Southern California area, and the nearest one is 40 miles away.  That sucks!

But it’s still at the theaters just around the corner a bit – tonight and tomorrow. And tomorrow we’ve got another commitment in downtown LA.

We went for it. Saw the film. Even stayed awake through the whole thing!

You may all now start discussing the spoilers. I grant you my permission!

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  1. Appreciate thhis blog post


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