No Context For You – March 27th

If you ever wanted to be an astronaut, they’re taking applications again. The application period is through the end of the month so you need to get on it. Maybe something to do as you’re staying at home and away from all other human beings this weekend.

I don’t qualify – you need a degree in a technical, scientific, or engineering field (I have a BS in Physics) and a Master’s degree (I have an MBA), but what they really mean is you need a Master’s degree in a technical or scientific or engineering field.


Foiled again.

One of the big disadvantages to living in the city as opposed to living out in the middle of nowhere is that city neighbors will hear you when you scream at the cosmos while staring into the void, and they generally get upset after the first hour or so of screaming. They get upset out in the country as well, but if you’re two miles from your nearest neighbor, they’re probably not going to hear you (at least, not over their own screaming) so they won’t give a damn.

Perhaps as part of the social changes we’re all undergoing, screaming in public will become more acceptable.

Or I guess I could just stop reading Twitter and Facebook and watching the news.

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