Monster Movie

He tweeted this, she finally did that, and at last over two weeks after everyone else on the planet with any contact with reality had declared Biden to be the election winner, we’re starting to see the transition given the green light. It’s insane that it took this long, and it appears the attempted coup is still going to be played out until the bitter end by the cult, but it’s another big step to being where we can exhale at last and realize that in fifty-nine days it might actually be over.


Maybe it’s just PTSD. Maybe we’ve just had our emotions and fears assaulted for four years and we’re not capable of being hopeful and upbeat in an honest and healthy way. Or maybe we’ve just seen this plot in too many horror movies.

But even after you’ve blown the Terminator up, he comes back. Even after you freeze him in liquid nitrogen, the thaws. Even after you crush him in machinery, he just pulls off an arm and keeps coming. Even after you blow that honkin’ huge hole in him and drop him into the pit of molten metal…

Is he really dead?

We’ve done all of that. We’ve killed the monster, dismembered the body, buried each small piece in a deep grave covered in salt and holy water with a wooden stake through it, and…

…why is there still twenty minutes left in the movie? Or, in this case, fifty-nine days until our new Attorney General can start serving arrest warrants?

When do we get to relax? Oh, right, we can’t, there’s COVID…


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