Fall Arrives

It’s late February and we’ve had more and more windy days than I can remember. Time is all screwed up, in so many ways – even the trees are confused. At least our tree is.

The big tree in our back yard has just this last week decided to drop all of its leaves for fall. I guess it just didn’t feel like doing it in November or December.

I know that the season may arrive a bit late in these temperate, warm, semi-desert conditions, but this is ridiculous!

The winds have taken the leaves and the tree is pretty much stripped now. Just in time! Next week it will be March and we’ll need to start seeing those spring buds come out. I hope that sap didn’t get too comfortable down in the roots.


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2 responses to “Fall Arrives

  1. Is it still your first year with this tree? Is it one of those that hangs on to the old ones through winter and the new ones push them off? I can’t remember when you moved in… we’re just coming up to the end of my first year here, so my memories of this time last year are mainly of boxes.

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    • Second year, but I don’t remember anything odd last year. Maybe I just wasn’t “pandemic focused,” i.e., bored and going a little stir crazy and noticing every single detail of my teeny, tiny kingdom.

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