Odds & Sods For Friday, March 26th

Item The First: It was not SN11’s day to fly, although she did have a static fire, they had replaced one engine, and they did try to set up for a flight later in the day. Today’s scrub seems to have been a combination of maybe something just a little touch off on the static fire data plus the weather deteriorating as the day went along. Barring some sort of emergency need to do something on a weekend, they’re not supposed to do static fires or fly on the weekend since any of that activity requires closing Texas Route 4 next to the SpaceX property, as well as closing the beach along Boca Chica. It’s a pretty popular beach, so the powers that be like it to be open on the weekend. So maybe Monday? Or Tuesday?

Remember, it’s better to be down here on the ground wishing that you were up there than to be up there wishing that you were down on the ground. It needs to be as perfect and prepared as it can be before you get a single millimeter off the ground. Once you’re going up, there’s only one successful way to get back down in one piece.

Item The Second: I wonder why I haven’t done an “Odds & Sods” bit in a long, long time. One of these days I should probably do some behind-the-scenes admin work to put just a tiny bit of structure into this site. It was pretty much random and whatever I felt like when I started it, but 2,980 posts and I don’t even know how many photos and videos and sound clips later, perhaps a bit of order out of chaos is in order. I’ll put that right up there near the top of my to-do list…

Item The Third: Is the ship still stuck? I’m truly not a huge fan of anarchy, chaos, and having the price of gas and oil rising exponentially overnight, but I have to admit, the memes and humor and unadulterated snark coming out of the Ever Given’s blockage of the Suez Canal is tickling my fancy. And I do love to have my fancy tickled!

Item The Fourth: I saw that tickets have gone on sale (AGAIN!) for Hamilton when it comes back to Los Angeles at the Pantages Theater in October. They’re hoping to re-open for some performances of “The Lion King” this summer, and then “Hamilton” will start up. Tickets must be going fast – I had picked a random weekend and kept finding pairs of tickets that I liked, but would click one to reserve and by the time I tried to pick the seat next to it I would find the whole row all of a sudden not for sale any more. But I was stubborn and finally got two for a Sunday afternoon in mid-November!

YEAH! What Lin Manuel said!

Item The Fifth: About a millisecond after I hit “Purchase” on the non-refundable “Hamilton” tickets I realized that it was a Sunday evening show in football season. Murphy’s Law is more unforgiving than the Theory of Gravity and the speed of light and it’s now GUARANTEED that my beloved Chiefs will be playing a Sunday Night Football game against the Chargers, in Los Angeles, THAT night. (For those in the back trying to put the pieces together, when the Chiefs are here in town we always go – but I can’t be at two places at once.)

I might just be snarky at the moment (it is my basic state, after all) but one of these days in about five or six weeks when the NFL schedule is released, I’ll repost this picture and a copy of the Chiefs’ schedule, and the rest of the post will just be page after page after page of “AAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” and massive cursing. And you’ll remember this post and know what’s going on.


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2 responses to “Odds & Sods For Friday, March 26th

  1. You could try to find someone who isn’t a Chiefs fan and has tickets for another night and do a swap….

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    • There are folks who aren’t Chiefs fans???!!! Say it ain’t so!

      Seriously, the odds of this being an actual conflict are like 1:1,000 – even if the Chiefs game is scheduled for LA against the Chargers on that date, the odds would be that it will not be a prime-time game on Sunday night. They save those for the best matchups, at least on paper. The Chiefs are very good these days – the Chargers, not so much.


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