The Very Large Grasshopper

I remember grasshoppers when I was a kid in Kansas City that were maybe an inch long or so. This isn’t one of those.

This guy was at least 3-4 inches long. Probably venomous, probably had two inch long fangs hidden there someplace, probably would go for my eyes and inject things into my brain where they would fester and grow…

Okay, sorry, three-year old Paul sort of took over there. Don’t even get me STARTED on snakes…

As always with small critters, it’s a matter of how many half steps can you carefully take toward them before they flee. (And if they do are they going to fly off into your face and go for the eyes… Again, sorry.)

Nope, didn’t fly for the eyes. Instead went to the hedges.

This might not have been his best strategy, since that hedge is full of birds. Some of them, like the juncos and finches, aren’t much bigger than he is.

On the other hand, the mockingbirds, towhees, and the crows and ravens from above will take him for a snack in a hot second.

He finally managed to get away from my side of the hedge and my prying camera at least. Good luck with the birds!


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2 responses to “The Very Large Grasshopper

  1. Is this from one of the cicada explosions I was reading about? I can’t tell the difference between cicadas and grasshoppers. We only have grasshoppers here in the UK.

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    • No, cicadas are all back on the East Coast & Midwest, none out here. Grasshoppers will travel, cicadas basically hatch, make a ton of noise, lay eggs, and die. And they’re ugly little things!


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