Riders On The Storm

It’s been a long, long day and I’ve got a while to go yet – some deadlines are more serious than others and payroll’s one of them.

I’ve been listening and watching live webcams from Ukraine. I’m shocked every time the air raid sirens go off and you can hear announcements being repeated over loudspeakers in the middle of the night. On the other hand, one camera is probably on a church bell tower of some sort and the ancient, mechanical chimes that sound at :15, :30, :45, and the top of the hour are enchanting, as are the crows being especially raucous just before dawn. The juxtaposition is … something.

Looking for something different for music to process payroll by, I opened Sirius/XM Channel 26, “Classic Vinyl.” The first song up is The Doors’ “Rider on the Storm” from their “LA Woman” album. Listening to it was transformative. That was an album I got when it came out in 1971. I would have been fifteen and VERY into music. I listened to this album, and this song, until I wore out the grooves. I had a pair of headphones that were bright red with Snoopy on one ear and the Red Baron on the other. I would kill to have those back, but they fell apart from overuse. And that was probably over forty years ago, so I’ll be having a bit of a mind blowing and “Jesus F’ing Christ I’M OLD!!!” moment now.

This should give us some interesting payroll results…

Anyway, “Riders on the Storm.” Yeah. Look around at the world and check to see what kind of progress we’ve made in 51 years.

Or not.


‘Cause I’m an adult.

Damn it.

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  1. Know how you feel. But I’m not watching the news. It’s not that much different from Czechoslovakia 1968. Look after yourselves, and send aid when you can.


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