They’re Still At It

In case anyone else hasn’t been paying attention (and I know you all have, right?) SpaceX is still launching Falcon 9 rockets like nobody’s business. And that whole thing about reusability?

(Image from SpaceX)

Tonight’s booster launched, flew, and landed for the TWELFTH time. A dozen. And in a few weeks it will no doubt go for number thirteen.

There are multiple other boosters in the fleet at eleven flights, with others anywhere from three or four on up. I haven’t checked, but I think there about ten or so boosters in the fleet, with new ones being added every now and then.

Later this year there are three Falcon Heavy flights scheduled. Those are going to be spectacular.

SpaceX is sending astronauts to ISS, as well as cargo.

And then there’s also the whole Starship program.

Keep on trucking. The road to space is opening.

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