When The Day Starts With An Earthquake

The good news is that it was a little one. M3.4 with the epicenter about ten miles from us. At 08:05 I was at that point in waking up where I was trying to get just enough brain cells functional to figure out if I could go back to sleep for ten minutes or not. Then the room moved.

Sort of like a small fender bender. Two tiny shakes, enough to make the bed wiggle and the house creak, enough to know what it was. And then it was done.

It’s been a few years since I’ve felt one. This was just a reminder, something to reinvigorate the brain cells that remember that night over twenty-nine years ago when I was trying to scramble in the dark as everything flew and moved and swayed and tipped, trying to get back to the house to my kids’ bedrooms. Would there be another shake, then another? Was this a foreshock of something big?

Nope. Just a reminder.

Duly noted.

I’m reminded.

Back to dealing with Monday. The internet’s out at the office.  My office computer’s down. I’ve got reports that were due Friday-ish and they really, REALLY need to be done today.




No horrible death and destruction. No multi-billion dollar disaster. No world-class metropolitan area reduced to rubble.

Not today.

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