Odds & Sods For Friday, May 17th

Item The First: When the gravitationally challenged cat is just falling asleep on your lap and you shove your phone into your jeans pocket right underneath her head causing her to come abruptly awake thinking that there’s something large crawling down your leg in your pants, she will extend all weapons, make an odd sound, levitate about three feet into the air (helped in part by using said weapons to dig into your soon-to-be bleeding flesh), and go tearing out of the room while looking back over her shoulder wondering WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! Despite the potential pain and loss of blood, this is pretty funny.

Item The Second: For those not keeping score at home, my beloved MLB Angels continue to pretty much suck big-time this year. For the second year in a row the team has made huge payroll moves and signed big name free agents so that on paper we’re unstoppable and should easily win 100+ games. Instead we’re on a pace to easily lose 100+ games. This does not amuse me.

Item The Third: On the other hand, my beloved NHL Kings have found their stride in the playoffs and have now won six games in a row, beating St. Louis in the first round and now leading San Jose 2-0 in the second round. The Joyous Vuvuzela Of Victory continues to sing, and the neighbors haven’t yet called the police. This brings me joy.

Item The Fourth: I got a bit more good news today on the potential employment front. Without getting into details, I got word regarding one of the better opportunities so far. I’m told that I did well on this week’s panel interview (after first getting my resume looked at to begin with and then passing the written accounting skills test) and I’m now on the short list for the one position that’s open. Let’s hope for the best!

And now the cat beast has recovered her wits enough to remember that she hasn’t been fed yet tonight. My master summons me! I must fulfill my primary function, the main reason that I was endowed with opposable thumbs!

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