I Love Fireworks!


I think the title says it all!

Aside from all of the other reasons we love to go to Angels games in Anaheim, we try to go on Friday nights because those are “Big Bang Fridays”, with a big fireworks show following the game. I love fireworks and my kids all follow in my footsteps in that regards, so if we want to go to an Angels game anyway, all things being equal, we’ll go on a Friday night.

On May 3rd we went to a game with a half-dozen of Ronnie’s friends and co-workers, some of whom had never been to a game before. As usual, I’ll set up a camera and just start shooting off pictures constantly, then see what comes out. (If this sounds a lot like how I take astrophotography, that’s because it is!)

Here are some nice photos from that game, for your enjoyment as the weekend ends and the new week starts tomorrow. (I think that if you click on the files you’ll get the full-sized photos.)

Smile – it’s fireworks!






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