Because It’s Not A Good Day To Write

…but I have to learn to write on these days anyway. So what kind of embarrassing pictures can I entertain you with while I go beat nouns and verbs into submission? Since I keep making marathon analogies in the daily NaNoWriMo posts, how ’bout a couple of pictures of chubby little ol’ me sweating as I walk, run, and participate in various marathons and marathon-like events?

2010-09-11 Avon Walk Mile 26pt2 smallIn 2009 I participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Santa Barbara, California. Here I am after finishing the marathon potion (walking, not running) on Saturday.

2010-09-12 Avon Walk Mile 39pt3 smallThen on Sunday there’s a half-marathon, so this is me at the 39.3 mile mark over two days. (My feet hurt. A lot.)

2010-09-13 My Avon Walk Hat smallThis is the hat I had made for the Santa Barbara Avon Walk. It’s supposed to be Klingon for “Pain is just weakness leaving the body”. It literally translates to something like “When pain appears in the body, it plants strength.” This is necessary (or course!) because there is no word for “weakness” in the Klingon language.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is me at the start of the 2011 LA Marathon, freezing and already soaked at 07:00 in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. It was an “interesting” experience. But I finished!


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