Flash Fiction: The First Two Hundred Words

For this holiday week, Chuck Wendig has bestowed upon us this odd task in his Flash Fiction Challenge. Not the usual “1,000 words or so” this week, but 200 words. Not a 200 word story, mind you, but a 200 word fraction of a story, intended to be the first 1/5 of a story. Next week, I’ll take someone else’s first 200 words and add my second 200. I hope that someone else on the site picks my first 200 words to use as the starting point for their second 200. In five weeks, we’ll see what we have.

An interesting idea. For the record, I really, really like this little 200 word snippet.

As always, comments and constructive criticisms are appreciated.


The first time I saw it snowing in Los Angeles it was the sixth day of a three-day juice cleanse. Snow was definitely not something one normally saw down in the basin, at least, not then.

Because of my need to purify my body and aura, the news and media, filled with nothing but anger and pain, had been cast away along with the other toxins. My base aural color had always been a lavender or sky blue. Recently though, it had started to get muddied and dark. I would have thought my third eye would have seen the unusual weather coming, but it didn’t, so I was caught off guard.

When I first saw the falling flakes I thought I might have overdone the cleanse. Last time I had seen Elvis riding an ostrich on the seventh day. My transmundane counselor had resolved the issue with some orange juice, chocolate, and a sandwich, but that solution didn’t work on the weather. It was still snowing on the pier.

In Santa Monica we only got three inches, but of course it was more than enough to spread gridlock all the way to Riverside. Then, of course, things got much worse.

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