Juicy Chunks O’ Wisdom For Monday, December 23rd

‘Cause I’ve been putting up more lights all day and I’m sore, that’s why.

  • Nope, still can’t remember that really, really wise and juicy chunk o’ wisdom that I forgot in the middle of writing the post on December 9th. IT’S HAUNTING ME!
  • Um, yeah. Yesterday was Sunday the 22nd, not Sunday the 21st. It’s so tough getting good help.
  • Does anybody like the “Cherrios dust” that fills the bottom of the bag when all of the Cheerios are gone? That stuff is nasty!
  • It’s one of those times of the year when the International Space Station is making lots of very bright evening passes. Here in Los Angeles we have excellent passes on Friday, the 27th, at 18:34 and on Saturday, the 28th, at 17:45. (At least I believe those are the correct days of the week and dates of the month – you might want to double check that.)
  • I have started using Google Calendar a lot and for the most part I like it. But… Is there a way to “copy” or “clone” an appointment? By that I mean, can I pick an existing appointment, “copy” it, then go to another day and “paste” it with just the date changing? I know that there’s a way to set up repeating events (for example, a meeting every Monday at 9:00), but what I want to do is take a meeting or event that happens at irregular times (Tuesday at 16:00 one week, Thursday at 10:00 the next, and so on) and cut and paste, then just update the details that are different. Can this really be that hard?
  • If you’re off work tomorrow morning and your Christmas shopping is all done, tune into NASA-TV to watch the ISS spacewalk. I could watch that all day!
  • That tiny nihilist in me finds it so amusing to see staid news organizations like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal with headlines about the Russian punk band, “Pussy Riot”. I listen to punk, I’m about 99.9999999% sure that they’re not referring to cats.
  • I get that there’s this whole meme about cats and how they dance across your computer keyboard and keep you from working and they’re supposed to be more “cute” than annoying. Sorry, I’m going to stick with annoying, as in, EXTREMELY. Cute will only take you so far, especially when I’m on a deadline.
  • If anyone just won the lottery and is looking for the perfect last-minute present for me, I would refer you to this article from a few days ago. Thanks in advance! (Hey, if you don’t ask, you can’t be told to take a hike!)
  • Tough to decide which is cuter, snoring cats or dogs twitching and “woofing in their sleep” while having a doggie dream.

Remember, if someone gives you a holiday greeting, take it in the spirit in which it was given, even if it’s not the holiday greeting YOU use. If you greet people with “Merry Christmas!” and someone says “Happy Holidays!”, it’s not the time or place for a rant about some imaginary “war on Christmas” that Faux News dreamed up. If you’re Jewish and someone says “Merry Christmas!”, it’s not the time to start a holy war. If you burned candles on the solstice but someone says “Happy Chaunakah!”, say “Mazel Tov!” and smile. Let’s be nice to one another out there, folks!

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