Juicy Chunks O’ Wisdom For Monday, December 9th

‘Cause it’s windy as hell and I’m really starting to hate the wind, that’s why.

  • In the intro to last Thursday’s Flash Fiction Challenge, I said that no one had picked my “first two hundred word” piece. That’s changed. Someone picked it up and today (a couple days after the Friday “deadline” but who cares?) wrote a nice second part. Angela Carina Barry‘s work is posted here (scroll down until you find my original post at 8:59 PM on November 28th).
  • There was one particular really freakin’ brilliant gem that I was going to put in here, the wisest and juiciest of all of the juicy chunks o’ wisdom, which was the reason I picked this format to begin with for today’s post. Now I’ve completely forgotten what it was.
  • My desk sits next to a huge bay window, which is marvelous most of the time. I love the view of the backyard. But with the current cold snap in Los Angeles, this thing just bleeds cold air right on top of me. (Yes, it’s got double pane, insulated glass.) So I hung a blanket up across the window to shield myself from the frigid air, and it works pretty well. Except the cat’s favorite sleeping spot is in the bay window. For three days she’s been baffled by the blanket, but tonight figured out how to sneak around the corner and into the window. Then all of a sudden I see her head sticking out as she tries to figure out how to get back to me. It’s very cute. It’s a cat thing.
  • While cleaning up after painting, I tried out a technique I had read about online. It was described as a “fast and fun” way to clean the paint rollers. Basically, you take the garden hose, put the nozzle on the “Jet” setting, hold the roller out in front of you, then blast it with the hose. The roller will spin like mad, the water pressure from the hose will clean out the paint, and it’s faster than doing the cleaning by hand in the sink. Okay, first of all, it works like a charm. Having said that, I suspect that it’s “fun” if it’s done at the end of a hot, sweaty, summer’s day of painting, not out in a thirty knot wind at about 40F in the middle of the night. I guess there was a certain amount of “fun” involved, but there was also a significant amount of getting soaked. FYI.
  • It’s time for all of the “Best Of 2013” movie lists to start coming out and the jockeying for awards season. If nothing else, combining the lists of “best” movies from different groups will give you a pretty good list of what DVD’s to get (or to order on Netflix). We always try to see all of the movies nominated for the five major categories in the Academy Awards before the awards show itself, so these lists kick off a season of scrambling to see the ones we haven’t gotten to in the theaters.
  • As for 2014 movies, the first I had heard of “Jupiter Ascending” was when someone I follow on Twitter mentioned the new teaser trailer (here). It looks spectacular and has an awful lot of really talented folks involved. It could be spectacular — we can hope. We all need a little “spectacular” sometimes.
  • Vacuuming the ceiling is hard work! My arms are killing me tonight.
  • The raccoons are running around on the roof again tonight. I double checked the other day, they still haven’t gotten back into their hidey-hole.
  • On day twenty-four of the NaNoWriMo adventure, I mentioned that my computer hadn’t crashed yet even though I hadn’t rebooted it in four weeks or so and had been using the crap out of it with lots and lots of open windows and programs and bookmarks… Today it locked up and had to be rebooted. Whoever had “39 days” in the office pool can collect your winnings.
  • Still no clue what that forgotten wisest and juiciest of all of the juicy chunks o’ wisdom was. That’s disappointing and frustrating, but the worst part is hunting and trying to jog my memory and getting nowhere and knowing the whole time that the second I hit the “publish” button, THEN I’ll remember it.
  • Or at 3:30 AM.
  • Sometimes I hate my brain.

Remember that a bird in the hand will probably leave a mess there.

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