Flash Fiction: The Second Two Hundred Words

We’re now in week two (of five) for this odd task in Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge. Last week I (and many others) wrote a 200 word fraction of a story, intended to be the first 1/5 of a story. This week, I’ll take Rebecca B’s first 200 words and add my second 200. I really liked my little 200 word snippet from last week, but to the best of my knowledge no one else on the site has picked it to use as the starting point for their second 200.

As always, comments and constructive criticisms are appreciated.


(First segment written by Rebecca B. and posted here.)

Blustering winter wind was violently blowing her long brown hair back as she looked over the 103rd floor rooftop ledge. The rooftops were normally locked, but she had a pick and skills to undo them. Her internal fire and heat sinked clothing kept her warm where normal people would have felt cold. Her eyes scanned the darkening skyline and she rocked mindlessly onto the balls of her feet and back down.

She had lost sight of him just as he jumped over the edge of the roof, laughing in a way that told her he no longer cared about his own life, and so could not possibly care about others. After his leap he stopped midair to laugh at her, mocking her, screaming “You call yourself a super hero?! Come and get me if you’re so super!” He flew off, knowing fully well she couldn’t fly. She had to find him. Time was running short.

She stayed there until stars were popping out and she knew it was unlikely he’d return, and futile that she’d be able to see him in the dark. Heroic actions would need to be taken, and she knew just the girl to take them.

(Second segment written by Paul Willett)

As she opened the stairwell door the lights on the building’s helipad lit up, shattering the night. Above her she spotted either a very brave pilot or a very stupid one trying to land in the gale. Abandoning caution, she sprinted across the icy rooftop toward the helipad stairs. As the helicopter turned into the wind for its final approach she crouched at the top of the stairs, ready to move.

The chopper touched down with a thud and the pilot fought to keep it there. She could see he was alone, probably here to pick up some multi-billionaire pretty boy. Like a flash, she crossed the short distance to the pilot’s door and yanked it open wide.

The pilot was caught completely off guard. She popped his seatbelt loose with her right hand while grabbing his coat collar with her left. Her first jerk got him off balance, her second sent him skidding across the helipad and over the side onto the safety netting. She leapt into the cockpit and started to spool up the big turbine for her escape. In seconds, she was lifting off to brave the winds herself, risking all to pursue her mortal enemy.


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2 responses to “Flash Fiction: The Second Two Hundred Words

  1. Thanks for picking my snippet! I feel honored. You did a great job with the next 200 words too.

    This reminds me I’m late in getting my next 200 words written – EEP!


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