Flash Fiction: Defenders Of The Universe!

This week’s daunting Flash Fiction Challenge from our pen-monkey overlord, Chuck Wendig, is to write a story that’s nothing but ACTION! The idea, something a little different for me, came in a thunderbolt. I hope that I pulled it off.


I was startled out of a sound sleep by a loud noise, possibly my name being screamed in agony. Instantly awake and on my feet, riding a surge of adrenaline-soaked energy, I scanned the area for danger.

There it was! My ancient archenemy, returned again to wreak havoc and inflict a horrible, painful, slow death on everyone in the land!

With a snarl I leapt for him, but as always, he was too quick. He danced around my thrusts and parries, playing with me. I tried to pin him to the ground but somehow he always slipped my killing lunge. I battled onward!

When he finally was being worn down by my relentless assault, he tried to flee like the coward he was. I chased after him, victory soon to be mine. All I needed to do was corner him. In honest, one-on-one combat, battling like the true warriors we were, I would be triumphant at last!

Inexplicably, he escaped from certain death at my hand by climbing straight up the wall! Defying gravity with some unheard of, demonic power, he danced on the vertical surface, mocking me, just out of reach from my leaping, spinning, and tumbling attacks. Taunting me with maniacal fervor, he repeatedly snuck down the wall behind me, tantalizingly close, and lured me into yet another futile attack, only to somehow leap across the gap to cavort with glee on the other wall!

As a wail of anguish and sorrow ripped from my throat, reinforcements arrived and the enemy was attacked from above! Flying high from his unseen, secret lair, The White One slammed into him, sacrificing his body in pursuit of our triumph over evil. I was in awe of the bravery and fighting skill shown by my partner as he forced the evil one back down onto the floor!

But cursed be my slow reflexes! I allowed the demon to slip past me and back out onto open ground. The White One and I pounded after him, the sound of our running like thunder, trying to close the distance so we could finish him off!

The monster turned and tried to get behind us. His turning radius was incredible, almost supernatural. A freak of nature, unfettered by the restrictions of mass and physics, he spun around us like a cyclone. Desperately now on the defensive, we spun as fast as we could to keep the beast in sight, but soon we began to get dizzy and confused. His dastardly plan was working!

Suddenly, as he finished having his way with us, while we were vulnerable and unable to defend ourselves, he again scurried back into the corner and hovered. He skittered back and forth as if he was waiting for us to attack again. Why had he not finished us off? Why were our lives spared? Why was he now waiting for us to recover and re-engage in combat? We knew it was a trap, but we could not help but throw ourselves headlong into the ambush!

As I had expected, the mutant spawn waited until we were nearly on him before zooming off at super speed. The fiend somehow was always able to keep just ahead of us. Still dizzy and dazed, The White One and I tumbled over one another in our excitement and the overwhelming, burning desire to be the one to kill this monstrosity from hell!

The White One and I split up at last as I jumped ahead of the demon’s path. Finally we had it trapped between us. Fearful it would again try to escape with that new, seemingly impossible trick of climbing the wall, I batted and struck at it from above to prevent its escape!

As the monstrosity realized it was trapped, it again almost magically leaped across the ground to squat in the middle of the room. Ready for this trickery this time, both The White One and I pounced on it and buried it under our razor-sharp claws!

Triumphant but exhausted, we looked for the carcass of our fallen enemy. As had happened so many times before, the horror had vanished without a trace. The White One was smug and proud with his role in vanquishing the demon as he began climbing back up to his hidden lair, high above in the heights to which I could not yet climb.

I made a quick circuit of our demesne to guarantee the icon of evil was no longer present or lurking in wait for my defenses to be lowered. Confident at last that another attack was not imminent, I returned to my warm, comfy spot on my human’s lap and curled up.

I kept one eye open as I started to drift back to sleep, but the Demon Red Laser Pointer Dot From Hell dared not make another appearance this day.

I fell asleep, purring contently.

Kittens rule!

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