Flash Fiction: {Script|Horror|Spam}

Again this week our Flash Fiction Challenge goes off in a new an interesting direction. Inspired by the fact that we’re always being inundated with spam in our email inboxes and the comments sections of our blogs, and given the fact that Halloween is coming up, we’ve been challenged to write a horror story in the form of some sort of spam message. The programming background far in my past took over.


{You have|You’ve} been {surfing|browsing|waste time} online more than {three|3|666|69} {hours|eons|weeks|millenias} today, yet I never found any interesting article like this. {It’s|It is} pretty worth enough for me. I {couldn’t|could not} {resist|refrain from} commenting. In my {situation|Problem|damnation} my view, if all {webmasters|demons|monsters|succubus} and bloggers made good content as you, the {Pit|Hell|nether regions} will be {much|a lot} more {blissful|wonderful|special} painful than ever before.

{It is|It’s} {appropriate|perfect|the best} time to make some plans for {the future|torture|eternal damnation} and {it is|it’s} time to be happy. {I have|I’ve} read this post and if we could I {demand|command you|desire} to suggest you {few|some|infinitely recursive} interesting things or {advice|suggestions|tips|terrorist demands}. {Perhaps|Maybe} you {could|can} write next {articles|curses|magic spells} referring to this article. I {lust|wish|desire} to read {more|even more} things about your imminent {death|disembowelment|dismemberment|demise}!

I am sure your {article|post|screed|rant|paragraph} has touched all the internet {users|trolls|simpletons|visitors}, its really really {nice|arousing|sensual|fastidious} {sermon|appeal|recruiting} on building up new {servants|worshipers|sacrificial|supplicants} for our {Lord|Master} {Satan|Lucifer|Beelzebub|Antichrist}.

Wow, this {article|post|propaganda|trolling} is {appealing|deceptive|tempting}, my {innocent|younger|virgin|slutty} sister is analyzing {such|these|many} things, {searching|looking|yearning} for {carnal|sexual|perverse} {pleasure|excitement|arousal} {so|thus|therefore} I am going to {tell|inform|let know|convey} her. She {will|wants to|must} be a {perfect|wonderful|tender|innocent} {offering|sacrifice} for your next {Black Mass|orgy|saturnalia}.

With your {interest|fascination|obsession} of the {study|worship|perfection} relating to the {Dark Arts|Satan|damnation} we are sure your {blog|site|RRS feed} can soon {allow|permit|let} me {realize|recognize|understand|recognize|know} {so|in order|what} that many others {may just|may|could} be {subscribe|sacrificed|damned|devoured}.

Please {keep|continue to|advance} writing as you are, {much|most|all} of the {scum|slime|sheep} that is now {humanity|internet users|the world} will soon be at your {feet|command|beck & call} so that {Armageddon|the End Times|Ragnarök} will {commence|be at hand|come to pass} and you will {reap|enjoy|receive} the {pain|suffering|damnation} which you have been {seeking|earning|deserving}!

Thanks. {Saved as a favorite|bookmarked!!}! {LOL|TTFN|BRB}!!



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6 responses to “Flash Fiction: {Script|Horror|Spam}

  1. Jemima Pett

    {lol|wow|great fun and now I understand these bracket things in my spam comments} 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Rebecca Douglass

    Funny, though all the brackets made for hard reading.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ronnie

    Nice work dear. A Little difficult to read/see/understand

    Liked by 1 person

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