Juicy Chunks O’ Wisdom For Thursday, November 6th

‘Cause there’s no Flash Fiction this week, ’cause we’re supposed to be working on our NaNoWriMo, that’s why.

  • If there truly is a kind, beneficent, loving God, how can you explain Adam Sandler movies?
  • Once again, I’m a pint down today. (Donate blood, save a life!) However, after only getting a bit over four hours’ sleep last night, and then having yet another long, frantic day, by the time 3:30 rolls around and they’ve got me lying down on a comfy chair… You would be amazed at how you can freak out the blood bank personnel by repeatedly falling asleep while donating blood.
  • Seriously, I was doing something else on the video setup in the living room, the television turned on to a commercial which I ignored, then the show coming out of commercial was “The Benchwarmers.” Okay, Adam Sandler was only a producer on this one, but the stupid was so deep that I had to use one arm to keep the other one from gouging out my eyes. This movie’s one step below “Honey Boo-boo” on the stupid scale, and until today I didn’t know there were any steps lower than “Honey Boo-boo!”
  • Oh. My. God! If you haven’t seen it yet, go look at this image from the ALMA radio telescope. Not a computer simulation, not an artist’s rendering, an actual picture of planets forming around a star 450 light-years away. Taken by a huge, new radio telescope array (ALMA) it shows a level of detail that is mind boggling.
  • And “The Benchwarmers” gets a score of 5.6 from IMDB members?! That’s out of 1,000,000,000,000,000, right?
  • Somewhat closer to home, remember that on Wednesday, November 12th, the Philae lander from the ESA’s Rosetta mission will attempt to make our first landing on a comet. The landing is scheduled to start at 08:35 UT (03:35 EST and 00:35 PST) with the landing at 16:03 UT (11:03 EST and 08:03 PST). If you haven’t seen any of the pictures of the comet itself, taken over the last few weeks from just a few hundred kilometers away, you have GOT to browse here.
  • This particular channel was following up “The Benchwarmers” with “Click,” which IS an Adam Sandler movie. I didn’t dare to wait around to see what was coming up after that. “Little Nicky?” “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan?” “Big Daddy?” “Grown Ups” (either one)?
  • A lot closer to home, this picture was taken last week by a Chinese spacecraft. It’s a completely new view of the Moon and Earth together from a long way away. If this doesn’t make you stop and go “WOW!” then maybe we can’t be friends.
  • I know Halloween’s past and it’s too late for this kind of horror, but here’s a contender for the most frightening phrase in the human language — “Adam Sandler returns in Jack & Jill 2!”
  • Just came thiiiiis close to falling asleep on my desk after hitting “Save Draft” when I though I had hit “Publish.” That would have been stupid.

Remember, “Two wrongs do not make a right – but three lefts do!”


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2 responses to “Juicy Chunks O’ Wisdom For Thursday, November 6th

  1. Jemima Pett

    Has that comet landing been rescheduled? I have it in my diary for Sunday, 16th, 21.00 UK time (or after, it was the live tv programme advertised).


    • I double checked, the ESA Rosetta site and others have as the 12th, separation at 09:03 UT & landing at 16:03 UT. The landing may have originally been scheduled for the 16th, but they’re constantly making adjustments to the pre-calculated plans and projections. Flying near, around, and the orbiting such a small, lumpy, & odd-shaped object for the first time, the gravity gradients and anomalies have led to a steep learning curve. That could have something to do with the target landing date moving around.

      The other thing to watch for next week is what time frame event timing is being given in. Not just different time zones here on Earth, but many events are given in spacecraft or mission-elapsed time. But the comet and spacecraft are about 35 light-minutes out, so we won’t get signals and know what’s happening for about a half hour after it actually happens. Throw all of our time zone differences on top of THAT and you can be off an hour or two without realizing it.


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