Juicy Chunks O’ Wisdom For Monday, November 17th

‘Cause I’ve got a 0500 wake up call for tomorrow, that’s why.

  • The aforementioned dreaded wake up is because it’s NASA Social Eve! Had a nice “pregame” dinner with three other participants who are here, and met others at the hotel. It looks like a great, varied, interesting group of folks.
  • It’s soooooo dry out here (the Santa Ana winds are blowing) that I’m getting very weird responses off of the touchscreens on my phone and pad. At least I think that’s what’s causing it, otherwise seems odd to have both of them flaking out at the same time.
  • For most of the “live” stuff tomorrow and Wednesday, check out my Twitter feed (@momdude), or if you’re not on Twitter, the last twenty or so tweets (sorry, I forget what I’ve got it set at) should be showing on the right side of this webpage.
  • The relatively new “baby” Hilton (it’s a Hilton Garden Inn) is nice enough, but the heater is REALLY FREAKING LOUD WHEN THE FAN TURNS ON!
  • It did occur to me driving up here that there’s another tourist spot to hit for the NASA Social participants who are coming in from out of state, many for the first time to this area. On your way back to LA, get off the 14 Freeway at Agua Dulce Canyon road and follow the signs to Vasquez Rocks Park. My money says that anyone coming to one of these events will immediately recognize where they are. (Beware the Gorn!)
  • Glad I brought earplugs. I thought they might be needed for the jet noise out at Edwards, but they’re definitely needed for the HVAC here.
  • WHY do they still have telephones in hotel rooms? Does anyone ever use them to do anything other than call the front desk and/or schedule wake-up calls? Who would pay $0.50 plus $0.10 a minute to call locally when everyone down to the toddlers all have their own cell phones with unlimited calls?
  • Best (maybe?) feature of the hotel is these new low-flush toilets that use an air cartridge or something to speed up the water that is used – touch the handle gently and it’s like, “By The Power Given To Me By Almighty GOD I Will Send This Waste To HELL!” I like that in a plumbing fixture.
  • I’m thinking there’s a conspiracy here between the hotel architects and the telephone handset industry…

Remember, “What do you mean it’s 5:55?!” is not the correct response when you’re driving and you’re meeting people in the lobby at 6:00.


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3 responses to “Juicy Chunks O’ Wisdom For Monday, November 17th

  1. I’d love to see Vazquez Rocks… I know whatchyatalkin’ about… as for the toilets… I’ve seen those before. Just don’t flush when sitting. Ever see a movie where someone gets sucked out an airlock? Same thing.

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