Sunset Over A BUFF

The second day of the NASA Social at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center was just as good as the first, with some amazing hardware seen (and even touched) and some great talks.

And I’m going to tell everyone about it later, ’cause I’m about ready to faceplant right into the keyboard. (If you just can’t wait, there are tweets and photos shown on the right.) Two nights in a row with less than five hours sleep is for the young, and that ship sailed on me a while back.

So for tonight, I’ll let you see how we ended a second long day at NASA Armstrong, with a nice sunset over a BUFF at the museum on base.

For those not familiar, a BUFF is that B-52 Stratofortress there, but it’s referred to as a “Big Ugly Fat…Fellow.” Yeah, that’s it, “fellow!” At least, I’m pretty sure that’s right. What else could it be, after all?

IMG_2678 small

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