Doing My Homework For Tomorrow’s NASA Social

Tomorrow being my second NASA Social, about which I am extremely excited! For those who aren’t yet up to speed on what this is and why it’s a big deal, here are some (voluntary, I guess) reading and viewing assignments from my Twitter feed tonight.

If you’re interested and able, follow my tweets and those of my fellow NASA Social-ians? Social-ites? as we report from simultaneous NASA Socials across the country. The biggest and most exciting will be at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where they’ll not only get tomorrow’s Social, but also get to see Thursday morning’s launch live!

Would I like to be at KSC rather than JPL? As much as I love JPL and am looking forward to it, KSC would be a dream come true. Hell, if they were looking for last minute volunteers to ride in the thing I would do that! So, I would if I could, but I can’t, so I won’t.

Please ask questions if you’ve got them or make comments, or, if you must (I’m looking at you, my offspring) harass, heckle, and harangue.

It’s going to be fun!


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4 responses to “Doing My Homework For Tomorrow’s NASA Social

  1. I’m more than a little jealous… it’s history in the making! I hope you have a great time (I’m sure you will!)


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