Dewdrops Of Enlightenment

Wait, was today supposed to be my day to shower upon the known universe a cornucopia of dewdrops of enlightenment, full of wit, charm, humor, and wisdom?

My bad, y’all! I completely forgot to put it in my calendar. I thought that today was the day I was supposed to pay my property taxes (done!), not the day I was supposed to save the world.

Sorry about that. My bad!

Besides, enlightenment is so overrated! Not to mention transitory and fleeting. I’ll be they never mentioned that in the brochure, did they? Nope! Everyone thinks when they’ve gotten enlightenment, whammo, the whole magilla is their’s to understand until the heat death of the universe. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

Aside from the whole 27-dimensional, string theory based, infinite multiverse bit (which, by the way, means that somewhere, in some universe [just not this one], I actually am typing up the greatest thoughts ever known to humankind, as we speak) there’s that whole pesky “time” thing that no one ever bothers to factor into the standard nirvana/bliss/rapture thing.

You want sage wisdom? Something good for all of eternity, regardless of eon, era, period, epoch, or age? Try this:

Backup your data regularly and often — multiple copies — keep them in a cool, dark, dry place — keep one set offsite.

It doesn’t get much more universal than that.

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