Yin & Yang

Feel good because you feel like you got a lot accomplished, a busy, fruitful day.

Feel lousy because you realize you missed an opportunity.

Feel relieved because a Christmas deadline (Christmas cards) that you though you had waited too long on is now coming together and should (more or less) be out on time.

Feel terrified because your brain just figured out that Christmas is only seven days away and you’ve done *NO* shopping yet. (Well, one thing. Maybe two.)

Feel optimistic because a retrospective on the year shows a ton of really cool accomplishments.

Feel depressed because a retrospective on the year shows the big goal still unrealized.

The term you’re looking for is “whipsaw,” as in, “What is my brain doing tonight?”

The answer, at least for the moment, might be to try and get some sleep.

You can’t change yesterday, but you can learn from it.

Tomorrow’s another day, try to do better.

That’s all both the good news, and the bad news.

It’s all the same.

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