Comic Jealousy

Jessie and Joey Chan are similar ages, no more than a few months apart, so they’ve essentially lived with each other for their entire lives. Given that, they don’t fight, especially “like cats and dogs”. There’s a lot of mellow in the domestic pet corps these days.


Jessie has always been a typical canine begger (big brown, sad eyes plus a look that makes you think she’s just seconds from starvation) who gives you her undivided attention if you’ve got food. Joey was always cat-aloof, never deigning to acknowledge your presence, no matter what you had.

But as the joke goes, in her old age Joey’s gotten “feline Alzheimer’s” which makes her forget to be aloof. For the past year or so, if food’s being consumed, both of them will sit there side-by-side, staring, starving, fading away to spectres before your very eyes. (You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a cat eating bacon.)

Jessie’s bright enough to suspect that “her” portion of the “people food” is now being split with Joey. (It’s not.) When the meal’s over, Jessie will always run over to where Joey was eating and sniff the area thoroughly to make sure there isn’t anying left.

Tonight, well away from meal time, Joey gave into one of her other base feline instincts. She raided the presents under the Christmas tree, stealing one of those stick-on bows off of a package. Her kill safely clamped in her jaws, she trotted out to the middle of the floor and started gnawing on it.

Jessie watched all of this with an expression of horrified disbelief. “Did she get something and I DIDN’T?!

It was comical enough watching Jessie fidget for five minutes, looking from Joey to us to Joey to us to Joey to us… “Why aren’t you DOING something about this?!”

But even better was Jessie’s reaction when Joey had finally had her fill of plastic, nylon, and cardboard. (I’ll be finding purple thread in her poop for days – something to look forward to!) Joey sauntered away to bathe, at which point Jessie rocketed across the room to check out this travesty of justice.

She sniffs, she tastes, she’s baffled. Joey was eating this while Jessie didn’t get any — it MUST be food!

They’re simple creatures. It’s why they’re so cute. (They think the exact same thing about me BTW.)

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