There are the ones when…

…that cop shows up in your rear-view mirror and the speedometer needle is somewhere it shouldn’t be.

…the job you really had a good feeling about turns out to be just another “Thank you, but” email.

…you turn the key in the car ignition and it doesn’t even make that sick clicky noise that means the battery or alternator or some other vehicular doohickey is broken — you get nothing but the sound of silence.

…you hear the doorbell and halfway to the door you hear someone messing with the lock and opening the door.

That last one had a wonderful outcome today, actually. It was the Younger Daughter, suddenly here, when the last we had heard she was in Argentina, headed toward Brazil on her year (OK, year-ish) in South America.



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4 responses to “Surprises

  1. How long did it take your heart to start beating again after you realized it was the Younger Daughter? 😀

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  2. At least the last one had a happy ending… 🙂

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