Nibbled To Death By Ducks

And not the “good” kind from Anaheim, and by “good” I mean that they’ll be a roadbump on the way to the Stanley Cup for my beloved LA Kings…

No, some days it’s like trying to put ten pounds of pickles into a five-pound pickle bag. (I really wish I knew where I had learned that phrase, it’s so useful and descriptive!) Today was two or three of those days.

Tomorrow will be another day. No one died or even got seriously injured here. There was just a full share of busy, frustration, harried, discouraged at times, and the desire to attack certain problems with a chain saw instead of a coping saw.

But surviving it does mean that we’re another day closer to opening day! How can the opening of baseball season not cheer you up?

There were three launches today (Florida, Russia, Japan) off of this rock, so that’s excellent. Wouldn’t it be great if the industry got to the point where there were three launches (or more) every day?

When I was a kid my brothers and sisters (and they were legion) would tease me by calling me “Pauly-anna.” (Guess what movie was shown about twice a year in living color on the “Wonderful World Of Disney” show? I learned to hate the move because of that, but had, and still have, the hots for Hayley Mills.) Tonight a little Pollyanna attitude might be a good thing.

The dog’s got to go out. Again. Another duck calls.

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