I Made It Through March!

No fooling! (I pranked no one today, not that I don’t have a prankish nature or enjoy the “sport.”)

It was the busiest month in quite a while on about five different fronts (a potential job which unfortunately did not pan out, “Fifi,” CAF audit, new CAF website, tax returns…) and they all seemed to hit simultaneously. April isn’t looking a whole lot better, with at least four major deadlines in the next week, another milestone later in the month, a week long trip, and of course, all of the usual shenanigans here. Of course, there’s a really, really good NASA Social on the East Coast that I would love to do (Hubble 25th Anniversary) as a second trip later in the month, but I think that’s not going to happen for economic reasons.

Regardless, I at least made it through March! And now I’ve spent the evening in “badger brain” mode on taxes, so let’s celebrate! (Not to be confused with being celibate if at all possible.)

IMG_2785 small

I don’t know if they still do it, but at least a few years ago on July 4th, they let the crowd come out and sit on the outfield grass at Dodger Stadium to watch from there. Mmmmmmm, real, honest-to-god, major league grass!

IMG_2799 small

IMG_2812 small

IMG_2823 small

IMG_2841 small

IMG_2847 small

IMG_2857 small

IMG_2872 small

IMG_2881 small


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One response to “I Made It Through March!

  1. Love the fireworks. Great capture 🙂

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