Saturday Night At The Hollywood Bowl

If you visit LA and get the opportunity to go see a concert at the legendary Hollywood Bowl – take it! The sound system there is one of the best I’ve ever heard, you’re out in the fresh air, it’s got enough ambiance to choke a mule. We can even tell you how to avoid the horrific traffic getting in or out.

Tonight, not only was there a great concert, but at 21:20 there was a very bright ISS pass. I knew when it was and had an idea where it would be, so at the appointed time, as Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were singing “The Lady Is A Tramp,” we watched the ISS rise behind us, pass the moon, and then head to the northeast right behind the bowl and the hills. It was fantastic!

The music was pretty awesome as well. Even if we were in the mid-range seats where the better view was on the high-def big screens. Remember, awesome acoustics and sound system. Great band. Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga. Tony Benett and Lady Gaga.

Great night.





FullSizeRender (1)


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3 responses to “Saturday Night At The Hollywood Bowl

  1. Ronnie

    It was worth it. Both the concert and the pass


  2. Those are some great photos! We saw Billy Joel there a year ago and John Wiliiams at the end of last August – that was something I’ll truly never forget.

    As for my next visit… my gf and I will be there this Saturday to see Eddie Izzard 😀 (It’s my birthday present LOL)

    I wish John Williams were playing there again this year, but alas, no…

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