I’m Here Alone With YOU?

I freely associated the other day about “patterns” and how we set up temporal patterns for ourselves, falling into a routine that’s both comforting and confining. Tonight it’s been interesting to watch how the Jessie Puppy has got her own patterns and habits.

This isn’t exactly news, but it’s really been accentuated tonight. She’s getting pretty old (coming up on fourteen years) and she’s always been a bit fussy and contrarian. She’s never been a lap dog, but she’s always been a dog that needs to have someone around. She has her short list of places to go to sleep, and there’s often a pattern of sleeping here at this time of day, then there for a couple hours, then there when we go to bed, then there in the middle of the night…

Tonight The Long-Suffering Wife is off on an overnight business “off site” so it’s just me and the dog. We have not stuck close to the usual evening routine (except for the sacrosanct feeding times!) and she’s been all discombobulated over it.

Some of the evening activities that are usually roles played by me have punctuated the evening with a bit of routine – out to pee after 7:00, out in the back yard again at about 9:00, and so on. But the roles filled normally by The Long-Suffering Wife have pretty much been ignored. Jessie doesn’t know what to make of that.

I’ve been reminded by her about every ten minutes, “WE NEED TO BE IN THE BEDROOM NOW!” But I’m more of a late worker (why do you think these posts usually go up between 23:00 and midnight?) and I’m not going to bed. Yet she doesn’t want to go to the bedroom by herself.

I keep inviting her to lay down in the “desk cave” (by my feet under the desk) but she just looks horrified at the prospect. Don’t I understand that’s where she sleeps in the late morning and early afternoon? If she goes and lays down there now it will render the fabric of space-time asunder!

So she’s pacing back and forth between my desk (to remind me yet again that I’m off-script), the kitchen floor (because it’s about half way, and always a good default spot to sleep), and the bedroom (where she can’t stay alone, obviously).

On the other hand, when I’m left to my own resources for the evening, it’s party time! If by “party time” you mean “take the shower doors off their tracks and try to fix that broken part,” “watch the new trailer for ‘The Astronaut’ four or five times,” or “get caught up on sorting & tagging the latest batch of photos.” Talk about wild and crazy, I’ve even had three Diet Cokes tonight, not just one!

Whoo hoo!!

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