That Moment, June 11th Version

That moment when after going like a bat out of hell all day while only getting four hours sleep last night (up late to see the ISS Expedition 42/43 crew say goodbye to the 43/44 crew and close the hatches, then woke up at 05:00 with a nightmare and the dog needing to go outside) and ALL of the adrenaline wears off at once and suddenly you’re literally not sure you can walk to the bedroom at the other end of the house.

Followed by that moment when some enzyme in your system runs low or some sleep deprivation toxins redline high and not only do you start to feel lightheaded (hypoglycemia for the win!) but your legs start to twitch and jerk. Not a lot, it’s not like I can’t walk. I’m not turning into a John Cleese or Steve Martin sketch. But it’s more than enough to be really annoying.

BY THE WAY (as long as I’m twitching and rambling incoherently)

It was wonderful seeing the Expedition 42/43 crew land successfully.

Another clueless male who’s drowning in privilege that he can’t comprehend or observe (despite the fact that he won a Nobel Prize) has stuck his foot into his mouth big time, then doubled down on his screw up, then gone on some BBC talk show or news show to mansplain it and now he’s REALLY stuck in it. (Some people just don’t have a clue when they should shut up and stop making things worse.) Just do a search for “Tim Hunt” for the particulars. Much better than his actions are the reactions from the half of the population that he insulted and belittled. Remember the #GirlsWithToys meme about three weeks ago? This time it’s #DistractinglySexy that’s a gathering spot for women to try to point out to this clown that he might have his head stuck up his ass. The responses are highly entertaining – check them out.

The Youngest Daughter has (correctly) pointed out that I had my head up my ass the other day when I was telling everyone to go see the trailer for that fantastic movie coming out, “The Astronaut.” Um, that’s not the name of the movie. It’s about an astronaut, but the movie (and the book) are called “The Martian.” In my defense, it was really late, I was rushing, and I was really tired. That being said, since those same conditions exist in spades tonight, I make no guarantees that my correction is correct and isn’t making the mess even worse. (I didn’t want Tim Hunt as my role model, despite the obvious similarities.) I am, as she has also correctly pointed out on FaceBook, a dork.

I think I’m going to crawl on my face toward bed now.

But first, maybe there’s one more little thing I can take care of. A loose end. Or two. Maybe three or four. No more than ten, I promise!

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